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Analysis of Morgan Stanley’s Deal to Buy E*Trade

Morgan Stanley says it will acquire electronic trading platform E*Trade in a deal valued at $13 billion. In this article, we list top 30 potential acquirers that may be interested in buying similar companies (This list was generated before E*Trade deal was announced). We also list 30 companies with businesses similar to E*Trade. All these results are produced by our AI-powered market research tool.

What Organizations Have Strongest Experience in Dealing with Coronavirus

In 2003, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) led to an epidemic that affected thousands of people globally and killed hundreds. In 2020, the new respiratory virus that has sickened hundreds of people in China are believed to be a SARS-like coronavirus. In this article, we analyze the anti-coronavirus techspace, and list organizationes that have strongest experience in dealing with SARS-like coronavirus.

Trade war impact on US industries: a data driven analysis

Here is a list of all 247 sectors to be significantly affected by trade wars. These sectors are chosen, since sum of the market caps of the affected companies under each of them is more than 1B USD. Method used to generate this table is described in https://www.fmeasure.com/2019/05/trade-war-2019/ Questions, comments and requests can be sent ...

What sectors and states will be affected by trade wars: a data-driven analysis

HIGHLIGHTS: We study the trade war impact on US economy by analyzing annual filings from all US domestic listed companies to SEC, and have the following findings: One out of four US-based public companies mentioned that their businesses could be affected by trade tensions between the US and its trading partners, like China. Though affected companies are ...