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A Graph linking Business, Finance & Technology

Analyze organizations & products in niche fields and discover the technologies behind them

HIGHLIGHTS: Featuring more than 3M organizations, 10M products, 19M tech experts, and 250K technology categories, FMeasure maintains one of the largest knowledge graphs in the world linking business, finance and technology. Our work empowers evidence-based decision making by collecting evidence from more than 200M documents, connecting dots, reasoning, and presenting results as well as all related evidence.


  • Organization Research (KG service): find >3M organizations (public companies, startups, schools, hospitals, etc) using signals like technologies, products, services, risks, names, stock tickers, etc. Every result is presented with an analysis on their products, core technologies, tech experts, competitors, even potential acquirers.
  • Product Research (KG service): find >10M products on US market, and discover the technologies behind each product.
  • M&A Research (M&A Service): we also deliver results with explanations for Merger and Acquisition tasks, including acquirer recommendation, target screening, etc.;
Organization Research

Explore links between orgs, people, products and techs.


Techs behind Products

Discover the technologies behind any goods and service.


Merger & Acquisition

Recommend potential acquirers and screen acquisition targets.


Commonly Used Functions

Browse Public Companies by Industry & Sector
Browse Executives, Investors & Tech Experts behind an Organization
Browse all R&D and Products by an Organization
Example: browse (by area) all R&D work by “Pfizer
Example: browse (by area) all products released by “Pfizer
Such information is included in organization search/lookup results (see 01 & 02).
Find Competitors / Potential Acquirers of an Organization
Find Potential Acquirers of a Business with Supporting Evidence

Find potential buyers of a “online payment” business for the price of “10M USD” and “explain why(M&A service login required).

Learn More: M&A Service