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User Instructions



  • What services do you provide?
  • Is there any word limit for text input boxes?
    No. users are allowed to put text of any length in the input box. However, to retrieve the most relevant information, it is a good idea to keep the query short and precise. 
  • What language can I use to do search?
    In text input fields, users are allowed to type in English, Chinese and Japanese. Internally, Japanese and Chinese are first translated into English and then the search starts. FMeasure is working hard to expand the list of allowed languages.
  • How much time should each search take?
    It depends. If the search is on something very specific, the results will be returned in less than 1 second. If the search is on something very general, then the search can take several seconds to finish. If a search does not return you with results after >10 seconds, you should refresh the page and search again if needed.
  • Can I use OR in search?
    Yes. If you want to search for A or B, then you can put A <OR> B in the input box.
  • How many results do you return?
    We return up to 250 results.
  • In M&A report generation, what is the desired format of acquirer location?
    Users can use alpha-3 code to specify the desired country, for example, USA, CHN. List of alpha-3 codes can be found at this link. Users are also allowed to use multiple countries as input, where such countries should be separated by ‘;’.
  • In M&A report generation, what is the desired format of acquirer neighbor?
    Users can use stock ticker or company url to specify the desired company, for example, amzn or www.amazon.com. Our system may not identify all specified companies. If we cannot understand what the input string is, we will ignore it. Users are allowed to input multiple companies separated by ‘;’.
  • In M&A report generation, can I leave some input boxes empty?
    The only box that cannot be empty is target business. If a user likes to focus on some specific potential acquirers, he can either specifies acquirer’s business or stock ticker/web. From time to time, a user may have some rough idea about the estimated deal price, specifying it can help remove some candidates that do not have enough money to close the deal. Once a user is happy with the result, he can fill in the email box, and FMeasure will send the final research report to that address.