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Explainable AI for Finance

Reason over big data and produce results with explanations

PROBLEM TO ADDRESS: It is a daily job for finance practitioners to collect and reason over a lot of data to make swift decisions. For example, listing potential acquirers for a specific business, or screening acquisition targets in accordance to certain criteria. Such work could usually take long hours to finish and involve reviewing information from multiple sources.

MISSION: FMeasure is dedicated to making this process automatic, and producing results with human-readable explanations in seconds.

SOLUTION: We track and analyze all available company filings, financial statements, earning calls, M&A transactions, funding round information, insider/institutional investor activities, news, recent papers and patents in real-time, and then reason over the integrated data to generate reports for a number of common financial services like acquirer recommendation and market research report generation.

M&A Service for Corporations

Recommend potential acquirers and screen acquisition targets.

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Market Analysis for Startups

Position small businesses in merger & acquisition market.

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Stock Market Analysis

Business search, risk analysis and R&D analysis.

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