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About FMeasure Inc.

About Us
FMeasure Inc. is a technology startup based in New York. We were founded in 2018 by Chang Wang. Our mission is to provide explainable artificial intelligence and knowledge graph services for finance industry.
Currently, we offer three services:

  • Financial Knowledge Graph Related Service, covering
    • Entity: e.g. person, company, investor, etc.
    • Relation: e.g. similar, invested, acquired, etc.
    • Property: e.g. filing, patent, trademark, risk, etc.
  • Merger and Acquisition Related Service
    • M&A for corporations (acquirer recommendation, target screening)
    • Market research for small businesses
  • Technology Investing Service
    • Tech landscape analysis
    • Technology market research
    • Company R&D analysis
    • Tech expert search
We have built an artificial intelligence platform for our current and future services. The platform contains:

  • a central knowledegebase storing more than one hundred million documents;
  • a number of search components providing both passage and document search results;
  • a number of site crawlers tracking company filings, financial statements, earning call scripts, M&A transactions, funding round information, insider/institutional investor activities, news, recent papers and patents in real-time;
  •  a pipeline with dozens of built-in natural language processing and machine learning components to reason over our financial data and produce final results.
  • team@fmeasure.com
  • 261 Madison Avenue 9th floor, New York, New York, 10016